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Kettering Rowing Club Annual Report 1924.25

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Number MIN-3631
Title Kettering Rowing Club
Description First page of the Kettering Rowing Club's Annual Balance & Report showing the names of the Committee.
President:- Chas Wicksteed. Vice President's:- C.W.Clarke Esq. J.P. H.G.Gotch Esq. J.P., C.A. Capt. H.Butlin. J.P., C.C. J.T.Hawthorne Esq. J.P. W.J.Rawlings Esq. R.Bagshaw Esq. A.G.Timpson Esq.
Captain's:- W.ESearle & Miss D.Wall. Vice Capt:- L.C.Dengate & Miss D.Newton. General Committee:- Messers, W.Mudd (Chair) T.Atwell. G.G.Patrick. A.N.Patrick. E.Wilson. A.F.Gotch. M.Dengate.
Misses, W.Moore. P.Humphries. M.Hosking. V.Manton. Mrs, H.Humphries. Mrs, R.E. Tait.
Hon Treasurer:- Miss E.Thursfeild. 10 School Lane Kettering. Hon Secretary, Mr J.C.Lee. 24 Station Rd, Kettering
Date 1925
Closest Date Unknown
Condition Fair
Stored Location Filing Cabinet No 1 1920